Re-Powering Services (new engine installation)

In a typical re-power you’re getting more than just a brand new engine.  In most cases the controls will need to be changed out so you’ll be getting a new binnacle and wiring harness.  Your gauges may need upgrading (if you’re using analog gauges now and upgrade to a fly by wire engine you’ll be getting new digital gauges).  Now might be the time to upgrade to hydraulic steering or just replace your worn steering cable.  A new engine will probably be propped differently than the old so a new wheel is in order; do you want aluminum or stainless steel?  Since we have the motor off maybe you want to add a jackplate so you can better control the engine’s running attitude in shallow water vs deeper water and gain the benefit of offsetting the weight and improving the boat’s handling.  Doing a re-power is more than just hanging a new engine off the back of the boat, we’ll make you feel like you have a brand new boat but only paid for a third of one.