Services offered by Homosassa Springs Marina

We are an Authorized Suzuki Repower and Service center and service all makes of outboard engines. Seasoned boaters know that Preventative Maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your engine and enjoying more days on the water. We specialize in servicing engines at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals which are typically referred to as Break In, 100 Hour or 300 Hour Service. Our technicians have the skills and tools necessary to diagnose and repair most engine problems and we routinely deal with specialty parts manufacturers to customize and enhance the performance of your vessel. You can bring us your vessel via water or on a trailer. For locals close to the marina, we offer pick up service for your boat.

We’ve all learned that sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to throw good money after bad. Sure, with enough time and money spent on replacement parts we can fix any engine issue – but that doesn’t always make financial sense. If you love your boat but hate the engine and the problems it’s been giving you, consider a new engine. As a Suzuki Re-power Center we sell and install new engines and rigging to bring your old boat back to bragging form. A new engine may give you better fuel economy, a quieter and smoother ride and definitely confidence to go farther and faster than you could in your old engine. With a minimum of a 3 year warranty and in many cases longer, you’ll eliminate repair costs during the life of the warranty. Our fleet of 18 rental boats, all powered with Suzuki 4 strokes is testament to their durability and ease of maintenance. People drive rental cars 90 mph in reverse and they drive our rental boats even harder, but the Suzuki’s stand up to the worst conditions on the water!

Its hull is what keeps your boat floating and if you leave your boat floating in the water longer than a week you need bottom paint. A quality paint job, properly taken care of, will protect your hull from 2 – 3 years. Driving the boat or periodically scrubbing the bottom will prolong the life of the protective barrier and ensure optimum performance of the hull gliding through the water. If your bottom paint is old or if you have a new boat you want to keep in the water, we are the preferred bottom painters of many of the local boat dealers. Bring it to us and we’ll properly prep the hull and coat it with a 4-7 layer process of bottom painting based on the materials your boat is made from and the existing bottom finish.