Outboard Engine Service Schedules

Keep your boat running smoothly by having us handle all of the periodic maintenance on your outboard motors. We specialize in Suzuki, but we can handle whatever you bring us. Take a look at the schedule below.

Suzuki Marine Outboard Engine
Periodic Maintenance Service Schedule

Service Item 20 Hours (1 month) 100 Hours (6 months) Every 200 Hours
Spark Plugs Inspect
Fuel Line Replace every 2 years
PCV System Replace PCV/Breather Hose every 2 years
Engine Oil Replace Replace Replace
Gear Oil Replace Replace Replace
Lubrication Inspect Inspect
Anodes and Bonding Wire Inspect Inspect
Battery Inspect Inspect
Fuel Mixture Check (O2) feedback Perform every 2 years
Engine Oil Filter Replace Replace
Low-Pressure Fuel Filter (1) Inspect Inspect
Low-pressure fuel pump filter Replace every 1000 hours
High-pressure fuel pump filter Replace every 1000 hours
Ignition Timing Inspect
Idle Speed Inspect Inspect
Tappet Clearance Inspect Inspect
Water Pump Inspect
Water Pump Impeller Inspect
Propeller Nut and Pin Inspect Inspect Inspect
Bolts and Nuts Tighten Tighten Tighten

NOTES: (1) The low-pressure filter should be replaced every 400 hours, or 2 years, whichever comes first.