High-and-Dry Boat Storage Services

Need a place to store your boat? Come check out our high-and-dry storage facility. We make sure it’s dry, secure, and ready whenever you need it. Check out our pricing table below.

boats in high and dry storage rack
boats in wetslips

Storing your boat with Homosassa Springs Marina

Becoming a Storage Member is simple and provides you the highest ease of use of your boat.   You don’t have to worry about the safety of your boat or deal with the hassle of the boat ramp or broken down trailers.  You’ll have the flexibility of leaving work and driving to the marina on your schedule without worrying about hooking up the boat or packing the right gear; it’ll all be ready and waiting for you on the boat.  We can fuel your boat using only Non-Ethanol Marine Gas.    After enjoying a day on the water, return to our private dock where a dock hand will assist in offloading whatever you want to take home then will rinse your hull at the waterline before tucking your vessel back into it’s dry berth to await your next voyage.  Storage customers receive priority service from our Service Department and we keep a log to ensure manufacturer service intervals are adhered to. As we’re caring for your vessel we’ll bring any issues we observe to your attention in an effort to prevent vessel breakdowns.

Our indoor racks are new as of June of 2017 and can accommodate V Hulls, flat bottom skiffs and pontoon boats up to 30 feet in length and 8,000 pounds.  We have a limited number of T Top and specialty spaces.  We operate a Wiggins Marina Bull forklift purchased new in January of 2017 capable of lifting 13,000 pound boats and have 2 spare forklifts to ensure uninterrupted operations. We can usually schedule the launch of a vessel with a 45 minute lead time (provide us a 2 hour lead time during scallop season).  We provide un-manned after hours launches and recovery – If you want your boat ready for a departure during non business hours we will launch it before the close of business the night before your departure.  If you return after hours then leave the boat moored to the dock and we will rinse it and stack it at the start of the next day.  

We license the use of a slip on a monthly basis and offer month to month or long term licensing.  We price by the length of the boat with an additional fee for specialty slips.  From July to September we only offer 3 month or longer slip licenses and return to month to month offerings at the conclusion of scallop season.  We require all boats to be insured with the marina named as an additional insured on your policy.  Only employees are permitted in the boat storage building and nobody is permitted to board a vessel on a rack.  Customers are provided work racks on a first come first served basis to clean their boats.  Mechanical repairs may only be performed on site by our technicians or by insured technicians who have been authorized by us and who work under the Marina’s safety guidelines.

Boat Storage Pricing

Prices are monthly and include having your boat taken in and out of storage when you want to use it. With advanced notice we also offer work racks for our storage customers at no additional cost (excludes paint racks).

Covered Boat Storage

Your boat is stored covered, protected from the elements. This costs $14.50/foot. ( T-Tops or extra wide boats have an additional fee).

Outside Uncovered Boat Storage

Your boat is store in our outdoor area, and is not covered. This is less expensive at $12.50/foot.

Wet Slips

Wet slips are available from October through May on a first come first served basis at $300 per month for residential use.